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Brilliant Training of those 17 Charts

In this video Larry goes into graphic details teaching you how to use the 17 Momentum Charts.

Our goal is 100% success with every subscriber/student.  This is a lofty goal but we believe it is possible.  

We believe it is possible because CC-Protocols is so easy to lear and use and because our training and daily chat and demonstration in the room are easy to follow.

All we really need is your commitment to Master CC-Protocols.

Are you committed to Master CC-Protocols and join us in the Winners Circle?

It's up to you.  I can't make you do it.

Can We Modify How We Use CC Protocols?

In this short video Kurt demonstrates how he modifies the rules on CC-Protocols and hits multiple winners for steady hits.  

You can use CC-Protocols as directed or modify it to fit your own trading style.

The most important part is to win, over-and-over to recondition your mind from losing to winning, and that is when you start scaling up.

Enjoy the video, and share your trades with us as well to help our growing community of traders.

Do You Recognize Genius When You See It?

Is this a dream come true or what?  Now we are able to trade all hours of the day, even Sunday evenings.

In this video Larry starts tracking the ES on Sunday evening, check out the video below.

NQ for Fast Scalpes
ES for Slow and Steady Bigger Hits

All The Answers

On this page you will find all the answers you may have as we go into the weekend.

Larry testing the NEW ES for CC-Protocols

More ES Testing from Larry

I made a very short silent video illustrating some of the points you and Larry have been emphasizing lately involving practice entering trades abiding by the rules. You may need to stop the video at a couple of place to read all the text.

I'm emphasizing a couple of things like the recovery capability of CCP and the profit potential of trading larger lots in your own larger account or a large combine.


End of Day

Pat F.


Hi scott – this is from 940a  till 1220pm pacific time – just after you left the room.  this was only taking 5 ticks with 2 contracts = $50 per trade – 15 trades and one for 1 contract for 8 ticks = $40 – I had to reboot and also reinstall ccp.  But I did at least 17 trades before these trades – I had about 5 advanced trades and 3 b/e = 0.00.   I sure hope I continue taking these trades and going live.  Never in my life have I traded like this!!  I also have $40,000-50,000 worth of “systems” that don’t talk to me the way ccp does.   I did pretty well with double tail also simming with $1500-4000 per day also, but just overtrading really not as easy.  Just thought you would like to see this trade performance as I really focused on this system and no PS stuff.  See you soon.

Sally M.


Hi Scott I have attached a screen shot of my trades today 6 for 6 I included the 17 charts in the screen shot because in the bottom right hand corner is todays date just in case some does not think these are today's trades.



Evening Session - Larry 1

Evening Session - Larry 2

Real Money, Small Hits but Winners

After the morning session today I finally got a chance to run some errands.

When I returned the market was moving slowly but decisively and I thought I'd see if I could record some lessons for you.

I got 2 trades, Real Money, Small Hits, but winners and good lessons.

The key here is to demonstrate that you can win, win, win, win over and over and that alone will change your conditioning for losing.  We have to get you to a point where you are winning so much that becomes your new reality.

That is not the case now because you are so accustomed to losing more than you win.

1st Trade at 1:11PM CST

2nd Trade at 1:38PM CST

Pat F. one of our great long time subscribers sent in his results below.

These images and videos and testimonials we are getting every day speak for themselves.  Embrace and commit to CC-Protocols and Master this trade set up.



Evening Session - Larry