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Brilliant Training of those 17 Charts

In this video Larry goes into graphic details teaching you how to use the 17 Momentum Charts.

Our goal is 100% success with every subscriber/student.  This is a lofty goal but we believe it is possible.  

We believe it is possible because CC-Protocols is so easy to lear and use and because our training and daily chat and demonstration in the room are easy to follow.

All we really need is your commitment to Master CC-Protocols.

Are you committed to Master CC-Protocols and join us in the Winners Circle?

It's up to you.  I can't make you do it.

Can We Modify How We Use CC Protocols?

In this short video Kurt demonstrates how he modifies the rules on CC-Protocols and hits multiple winners for steady hits.  

You can use CC-Protocols as directed or modify it to fit your own trading style.

The most important part is to win, over-and-over to recondition your mind from losing to winning, and that is when you start scaling up.

Enjoy the video, and share your trades with us as well to help our growing community of traders.

Do You Recognize Genius When You See It?

Is this a dream come true or what?  Now we are able to trade all hours of the day, even Sunday evenings.

In this video Larry starts tracking the ES on Sunday evening, check out the video below.

NQ for Fast Scalpes
ES for Slow and Steady Bigger Hits