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Grand Re-Opening with Ed

Sometimes you don't get it right the first time, sometimes not even the second or third time, but if you keep at it, finally you will strike Gold.

Well, we struck Gold with Ed, farmer from Wales who became a trader out of necessity because you just can't trust the weather for farming in Wales.

Watch mine and Ed's videos and join us for a 30 day trial starting on Tuesday Morning, February 4th

Introductions to Ed

Introductions to the Charts

Introductions to How I Trade

Winning Trade Room Update

Giant success for you and for me.  Please watch my video for all the details.  

Sometimes success comes in strange ways and the only people who miss out on that success are those who get pissed off when there are a few hiccups.

Thanks for sticking around.

New Room, New Trader, New Template, New Year

Hey Ya'll, great news, tomorrow we open Winning Trade Room for the new year with a new trader Steve and a new template and Steve is the "MAN" who has proven he deserves the top spot in front of our audience.

He's accomplished and came from the same stock as all of us with a burning desire to win, now let him show you how to win.

Watch my quick two minute video and join us tomorrow.