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Live Market Trade

Today is July 9th and in my video I demonstrate how an Amateur trader can make $100 to $900 a day or more using CC-Protocols with me in Winning Trade Room every morning.

What I have learned from 11 years of working with Professional Traders and Amateur Traders is that most trading systems out there are designed by Professional Traders, for Professional Traders, and that is why we lose when we use those systems.

If you are ready for a system that was designed by a successful Amateur for other Amateur's, then watch my video and join me in the room tomorrow and allow me to show you what I'm doing.

I'm trading real money in a $15,000 account as a way of demonstrating on a daily basis how realistic it is for you to make money every day as long as you are using a system that is designed for how we Amateur traders must trade.

Tired of Losing? Check out Winning Trade Room

Most indicators and trading systems are designed by Pro's for Pro's, and we are not Pro's.

​We trade differently than the Pro's and the systems we use must be designed differently for us to be able to make money with them.

Color-Confluence-Protocols or CCP for short was designed by an Amateur trader for Amateur traders and its brilliant in its simplicity, elegance, and effectiveness in delivering winning trades.

No need to keep losing, using some stupid system designed by someone who trades without consequences, trade a system designed for you.

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