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​What you are going to learn on this Webinar:

Almost all trading systems and indicators are designed by professional traders for professional traders, so it’s no wonder you can’t seem to win using them.

CC-Protocols has been developed from the ground up by an Amateur trader for Amateur traders and you will very quickly discover that you can win most of your trades if you follow the rules of CC-Protocols.

I’ve been talking to traders for over 11 years and almost all of them tell me they would be very happy to earn $100 to $900 a day from their trading.

So, this has been my goal for the past decade.  Finally CC-Protocols gives every amateur trader the ability to bank solid profits every day, but only if you are willing to follow the rules.

The rules are easy to follow and as soon as you begin using CC-Protocols you will see for yourself how it works and why it works so well.

The Basic Theory on which CCP is based:

If you can read this next part and agree that it is logical, then you are just one step away from trying this logic for yourself and banking profits every day like you’ve never done before.

Every indicator and trading system in the world operates on the premise that on this single chart for this single instrument, and using historical data, we can determine what the market may do next.


Nothing could be more deceptive and untrue.

CC-Protocols uses a completely different approach.

We trade the ES and the NQ and we have arranged our chart in a way that we observe 3 different Indexes that all affect each other.  These 3 Indexes are also observed in multiple time frames and settings.

Now, when all 3 Indexes are in agreement that we are going in a particular direction, WE TAKE A TRADE.  But, here is the magic.  We know that the ES moves in 4 tick increments, so our ATM strategy is set to go 3 ticks and move our stop to +2.

With this strategy, 90% of the time you are going to be stopped out at +2.  Trading 2 contracts that is a $50 gain on each trade.  The remaining 10% of your trades will run away from you and you can exit manually or trail your stop, but your bread and butter will be the +2 winners that will come over and over and over and over as you bank $50 every time you trade.  Accounting for $5 commission per contract you will net $40 per trade.

I’m going to show you how to bank $40 net every time you trade, and on the occasional runner the sky’s the limit on that one.  Successful traders have an edge.  That edge is their Bread and Butter trade and that’s what I’m going to give you on this Webinar.

When you start banking $100 to $900 a day consistently, your life will never be the same.

Looking forward to working with you and showing you how this works.